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What is Keyword Research

Keyword Research The process of uncovering and selecting the appropriate keywords for your site is called keyword research. Very simply, it involves undertaking an often painstaking investigation to discover what terms people search for, how often, and how many and which other sites appear for those terms. Keyword research is a strategic exercise that enables you to determine which queries your site is most relevant for and for which you can feasibly expect a return, then optimize your site accordingly. Get it wrong and you may not even have a chance at the first few SERPs. Do it right and your potential for top placement soars. You can probably think of at least 10 to 20 keywords off the top of your head you think are relevant to your site. However, the way you think about your organization or business may be very different than how customers or the average person thinks about it. If you are financial institution or a used auto sales business so you might call a product an "auto

Guaranteed Live Articles

Guaranteed Live Articles   We can get articles submitted to many websites and can get them guaranteed live, the articles will be added to the reputed and good quality articles sites and also to relative websites to your nich , All the submissions will be do to sites which has a good page rank and Alexa rank which determines the reputation and popularity of the websites. Your articles will be live and also will be crawled by Google and by many other search engines, the reason for getting the articles crawled is to pass the link juice from one website to other, rather than to wait for the search engine to crawl the article and pass the link juice to your site. The impact of passing link weight is that your site gets the ranking boost faster. This service also gives your site a good traffic as these article and relative websites are already getting good traffic from all the search engines. Internet article marketing is an Internet marketing approach to subtly promote products and servic

Blog and RSS Promotion

Blog Promotion & RSS Marketing   RSS Feed Marketing   Google uses numerous sources to find new webpages, from links we find on the web to submitted URLs . We aim to discover new pages quickly so that users can find new content in Google search results soon after they go live. We recently launched a feature that uses RSS and Atom feeds for the discovery of new webpages. RSS/Atom feeds have been very popular in recent years as a mechanism for content publication. They allow readers to check for new content from publishers. Using feeds for discovery allows us to get these new pages into our index more quickly than traditional crawling methods. We may use many potential sources to access updates from feeds including Reader, notification services, or direct crawls of feeds. Going forward, we might also explore mechanisms such as PubSubHubbub to identify updated items. In order for us to use your RSS/Atom feeds for discovery, it's important that crawling these files is not disallowe