About SEO

SEO = Search Engine Optimalization (search engine optimization) is a technique that is applied by a seo company, therefore, the website search engine friendly and optimized website will get more qualitative visitors by a better ranking.

SEO is a process in which internal and external aspects of a website to be adapted for a better CTR (Click True Rate) on keywords and keyword phrases in the organic or natural search results.

search engine optimization 10 years ago was as a lot easier nowadays. The only thing you had to do was mention the keywords in the title and in the content of the website. The search engines nowadays have complicated algorithms. SEO is a real science. The origin of search engine optimization is from 1997. Familiar Web pioneers such as, Danny Sullivan and Bruce Clay studied the algorithms of the search engines and SEO here made of reports.

Most people find their websites via the large commercial search engines: Google, Yahoo and BING. Google attracts about 60% of global searches. A number of countries have also own search engines such as Baidu in China, in India, Yandex in Russia Guruji.

The art is that there is ultimately a balanced by the optimization with good unique relevant content and Web site arises a clear structure. Google will then give more value to the debetreffende page/website and this higher places in the unpaid SERP (search engine results page).

High positions lead to a large increase in visitors to your website. Many visitors can be converted into more revenues, advertising revenues, referrals, votes or more requests using the phone. Professional organic SEO can be a high return.

There are more than 200 SEO factors that Google used for the position of websites in Google (SERPs). Good, relevant and unique content is one of the most important google ranking factors, so every page must contain a seo text with at least 300 unique words.

The goal of seo is to text in a natural way to come to a good and readable text, which contains a good keyword density by adding relevant keywords. How natural the text is, the higher the conversion and ultimately the sale will be.

No one SEO company knows the "recipe" of Google. Beware companies who promise guaranteed top positions they probably know not what they do. It is impossible to guarantee that your site a number 1 position reached. SEO is an exact science for experienced professionals such as SEOlab.

SEO can be divided into 2 categories.

1. Onpage SEO optimization
2 Off page SEO optimization

-Here goes the Onpage optimization especially about the formatting of the website, it is the intention then the search engine can read the website easily and that they which keywords from pages that can fetch for the ranking are revelant.

Off page optimization -Which focus on the popularity and appreciation of a website. Many incoming links from the same branch and preferably of a higher PageRank your website will therefore give priority relative to your competitors.

If you've gone through all this seo steps gives not the warranty on a top position.
SEO is hard work and it can take weeks or months when google success is achieved.
There are also no guarantees, but with effort, good qualitative content and relevant inbound links you can get success. An upward trend in numbers of visitors and conversion is a required after a certain period, otherwise the investment waste of money, because SEO is not free.

Search engines change every day and thus the method and strategies to get a high ranking and maintain, so make sure that the search engine optimization on your website goes with the times.

Another SEO advice

Never use black hat seo, they are called the onetische seo by google. Hidden text, Keyword spamming, cloaking techniques are unauthorized. Pay close attention to when making a choice for a search engine optimization company, what techniques they use.


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