How to Find new customers with LinkedIn - PART7

Before you start with these tips, you need as you in the first part of this series may have read good first to define your target market and your LinkedIn network to build. Even though the previous weeks we shared strategies one and two, three and fourstrategies, strategies, strategy five and sixand seven eight, nine and ten strategy.

4 Strategies to contact people after you've found Them

After you have applied one or more of the 10 strategies, you now have a whole laundry list of potential customers.

What to do now? There are four options:

You know this person himself.

That is the easiest: you can contact him directly.

You know this person is not itself and he is a 2nd degree contact.
Call someone of your common contacts. Yes, via the phone!
Explain your purpose and mentioned that they know someone you want to achieve. Ask him how they know each other. On LinkedIn you can see that they are linked, but not what their relationship is and how well they know each other. If he knows that other do really well, then thank him and call the following common contact. It is important for your result that the Know, Like, Trust factor between the ones you want to achieve and your own contact high enough!
When your common contact agrees to help you, ask him to introduce you to the person you want to reach and vice versa in an email, what we call the Magic Mail.

You know the person is not and it is a 3rd degree contact.
Go to that person's profile.
At the top of the right side click on "Get introduced through a connection" (represented by a connection).
Choose the 1st degree contact where you have the best relationship with it.
Write a message to the final recipient why you would like to contact him and ask your contact to 1egraads this message forwarding.

What happens, is that you 1st degree contact receives both messages and then decide whether or not to send them. If he then forwards them in the 2nd degree, the person can also decide whether or not to forward it. So this process is sequential. What many people don't know is that everyone in this "chain of messages" can read all previous posts. So be sure professional in your communication!

This approach works for many people not really good. The first reason is that they write a message too intrusive that afknappen one of the people in the chain is doing. The second reason is that you might be an excellent relationship with your 1st degree contact, but that he is the person in the 2nd degree not so well know. Usually the result is that your message remains stuck on the road somewhere. It's so much better to devote more time to search for 2nd degree contacts instead of 3rd degree contacts and to build your network first. We therefore recommend to build your network before you need it.

You know the person and he is a member of the same group.

You can send him a direct message (if he has not dropped off that option). Make sure you have enough Know, Like and Trust factor in the group have built up and preferably also with him personally. For instance by his messages or comments to respond.
If you Know, Like, Trust factor not yet high enough, you want to use a different approach than a "cold message" to send. Search for common connections and let introduce yourself via a Magic Mail. If you still have no common contact, you may prefer to further expand your network first. Because you both belong to the same group, it would not be difficult to find common contacts.

Now you have not only the right people 10 additional strategies to find your goal to achieve, but also 4 strategies to contact them. If you have downloaded the document of the Magic Mail, then you also have a better understanding of how such a Magic Mail works and how to ask.

You get the best results when preparing yourself and take action when you first the right people have found. Two crucial steps that are often overlooked or minimized!


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