How to Find new customers with LinkedIn - PART1

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One of the greatest misunderstandings about LinkedIn is that people and companies just use as a (passive) shield through their personal and business profiles. This often makes for disappointment regarding the results.

We need Proactive strategies that produce the most of the output, if you're looking for new customers, employees, suppliers, partners, experts or other people who can help you to achieve your professional goals.

In this series, i had shared 10 proactive strategies in order to find new customers. Before you start with these tips to get started, you need to be prepared about your goal and objective.

1. Define your target group.

This sounds logical, but hardly anyone in our workshops and trainings we see this do really well.

2. Make for a basic LinkedIn network

The power of your network is in the second degree, but you must of course be a first degree network to achieve that have second degree.

The good news is that LinkedIn helps you 4 ways to build up that fast. You can find this under the menu contacts/Add Connections (Contacts/Add Connections).

These are they:

Add connections (Add Connections)
You can upload the email addresses from your address book.
Nobody can see this.
Note When you contact: If you have uploaded fewer than 50 addresses than they are all ticked to get an invitation. Moreover, it is better to invite them individually, otherwise they get the impersonal standard invitation.
Colleagues (Colleagues)
LinkedIn uses the companies that you've listed in your profile to make a match with other people who have worked in the same company during the same period.
So make sure you've worked all relevant companies where you have listed in your profile for!
Former class or study mates (Alumni)
This works in a similar way as "Colleagues".
You can be extra filter on bv. year of graduation.
People who you might know (People You May Know)
LinkedIn used 18 parameters to find people that you could know.
The algorithm behind there is a secret, but probably displays the number of common contacts, groups, sector and geography along in the calculation.

If you have completed these steps, you are ready to proactively with LinkedIn to get started. In the following articles from this series get you 10 ways to find new customers and how to contact them.


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