How to make my posts impacting?



Content is King, Context is God” says Gary Vaynerchuk. And that’s what your pages should reflect – developing your reputation or creating goodwill for your brand in the process. Making your posts appealing will allow your posts to be more attractive for your readers, as more useful.

Good news! You can format and edit your posts in a few clicks and make them appealing and impacting; no need to waste a lot of time to get good results.

On the view mode of your topic, edition features are available for each post to:

  • Add Context: why should your audience read this? How is it connected to other posts you’ve curated on the same topic? Connect the dots, give your opinion and thoughts: the Post description area is just here for that, either directly from the publishing window or, once the post is published, by clicking on the pen icon.

  • Change the size of the image and edit the layout of your post: with a mouseover on the post image, a layout feature will appear allowing you to choose its size and define which layout you want to your post.

  • Choose a star post: and make it stick to the top of your topic. Be the editor-in-chief of your topic by writing a note to introduce your topic, describe your motivations or review current events related to your topic! For that, publish that post first and then simply click on the star icon below the post you want to define as the star post.

  • Change the order of the posts: You can completely re-arrange the order of your posts on your topic! This helps you highlight content you consider the most important or simply vary the presentation of your topic as you see fit. To do it, click on the “move” icon below a post to change its position.

In no time you will get an appealing topic that will be the perfect showcase of your expertise and passion to a growing audience.


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