Top 5 B2B Trends to Improve Online Marketing

Take advantage of these 5 B2B trends and opportunities in digital marketing—before your comeptition does
Note: Each trend will be covered at the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit.
Harness Social CRM
Social media goes beyond managing your Facebook & Twitter account—social CRM enables you to collect and leverage social data to make more intelligent, data driven decisions. The benefits are many: higher engagement, improved customer service, reduced costs. It's "social media nirvana", according to Summit speaker LaSandra Brill of Cisco.

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Integrate Search and Social Media
Drive higher rankings in the search engines with an integrated search and social strategy. Now more than ever, your social media presence can have a profound impact on how well you rank in the SERPs.

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Optimize for Conversions, Not Clicks
There is no faster, more efficient way to drive more leads than by optimizing your landing pages. And it's easier than you think. Short on resources? Summit speaker Sally Lowery of ion interactive suggests starting "by A/B testing your headlines, and go from there."

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Nurture Leads with Drip Campaigns
If you're structuring your email marketing program as a rapid-fire deployment of one-off communications, you're hindering email ROI on at least two fronts. Summit speaker Karen Talavera explains, "The more touches you have with a prospective customer in as many ways as possible, the more likely you are to build strong relationships and in turn sell your product or service."

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Integrate Content into all Digital Efforts
Content marketing is at the heart of online success. In fact, an effective content program can drive exponential ROI when integrated with your search, social, email, and overall digital strategy.

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