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An SEO’s Ultimate Post-Penguin Checklist

What backlinks are safe to have after Google’s Penguin update? This question is being asked today by many. And, as Google’s link warnings wouldn’t stop , some people decide to demolish backlinks to their site or even dispose of the “bad” site altogether. However, radical action only means that one doesn’t have the expertise to do a Penguin-savvy inventory of their site and to dismantle only those links which stand in violation with the new standards. In most cases, this is a better option than starting from scratch. From the infographic below, you will learn: How to perform a Penguin-savvy backlink audit. How to make sure your on-page SEO meets Google’s quality guidelines. How to detect a negative SEO attack early on. Related articles 5 Easy Steps to Combat Negative SEO Google Penguin Saved The Internet How to get the same backlinks as your competitors Recover from the Penguin Update in 5 simple steps Panda & Penguin Tool : Find Which Google Algo Hit your Website How to Surviv