How Google Build Better Algorithm By Our HELP

I am kevin anchi and i am in to Digital Marketing and SEO since 2008, i have seen lot of changes during my tenure of time and i go like what Google is doing, But the story below inspired me to start writing a blog and share the story with everyone else, so here is what i had experienced.

As i was browsing through web for some data in Google Search, i had noticed  that Google is asking users to rate the best site in the search results (as shown in below image), I was very shocked to see this cause if this is going to be the future of ranking websites then whatever optimization or we can say what ever natural linking and social shares and the good content on the site etc, or any other promotional good activities and website owner is doing to promote his website or is naturally ranking in google asper the quality of it and by following Google's guidelines.

So below are my Questions:-

So is all those good sites going to be tanked Due to user Influence?

If all is going to be tanked due to the user choice or you can say user control. then this will be like people will decide as which site is best and which is not rather than Google's Hard Core Algorithm?

As the people elect the politicians and later cry over their choices, so will be the same in the Google search results?

I wonder as how the future of search going to be, well as for now i think that the google is still in its infant state. there is lot a head to go.....

Google says that the data or reviews they have acquired will only be used for their analysis and will affect the ranking partially or your can say indirectly, either ways it is going to affect the overall ranking and some how user influence is going to be considered, cause Matt Cutts always said that focus your users and not search engines, so ultimately the users are going to be the key drivers for the websites, the main problem is "How is the user is skill to make such judgement to million dollar sites which invest thousands of dollar to develop and sustain their site, and also if the 99% of the site is okay and 1% is not and that to due to some complications which some users are not aware off then will that 1% be considered as a Bad review thus impacting your website revenue of performance services"


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