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Google Adwords Error or Different Data Center Data Displayed?

Today i was working and doing some keyword search, below are the screen shoots i had noticed when i had used the Google Adwords Keyword Tool  Suggestion tools with "Sign In" Version and another without "Sign In". I tried all using the Exact match, Broad and Phrase, but in all the results the traffic count is different and is not matching, wonder why there is the difference, i have also checked the FAQ at the top section of the table so to understand as how the data is derived, the only difference was that with "Sign in" option you see Exact match search results and without sign in we have options to select, But either ways the data should match.

Internet Scams - How BBC is Used as Bait for Marketing

Here is what has happened with me, (Looks like How BBC is Compromised) 1, 3 times in a week i got mails from twitter stating that my account is compromised and i had to change Password, so i changed it 3 times, 2, Today i see that there are tweets posted on my twitter account which is not done by me. 3, Here is the url that is twitted on my twitter page net/?241349 4, This guy is using BBC as a marketing medium and is selling product, is there any way that we can complain BBC about it, can you please do it? 5 He has made the page as no index and no follow so that we Google or any search engine wont track it or index it.  Below are the screenshots

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