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Linkedin Error OR its an Upgrade to Control SPAM 23-Oct-2013

Today I was going normal LinkedIn in work and had noticed a change in the LinkedIn operations, mean the website has changed the way it used to work for example previously we used to share links and the title and description used to get fetched directly, but now if we add a url then the url meta is not fetched and also we are not able to share any url. This could be a temporary issue as they might be upgrading system or might the doing some change in the backend part, OR majorly this could be their defense mechanism again SPAM Currently not sure as what is the real reason for this change, let wait for few hrs or days and see if this is an issue or a temporary system upgrade Below are few screenshots Screenshot 1  You can see the loading gif, It take too much time to post a link, and   Later it shows that you have done a post with title as the URL. Screenshot 2 This is what happens when you click the link, and after few trial and   Error and by using the back and forward button on browse

The Google Hummingbird Algorithm OR Google

Here is an example of a Google search I did for me one of the favorite songs which I did not remember as what it was as i  heard it once some 14 years back, i  was only able to remember the tune but i  cannot search in google by humming a song tune and I will get the exact search result, so i was rigorously refreshing my memory to at least recall some words of that song but it was no luck for 2 days cause whenever i used to add the combination of all the words which I remembered randomly the results were not much accurate,  So later what I did is I tried to add only one line of sentence to see all the possible results and had planned to see all the 1000 results to find my long forgot song. In the below screen shot you will see that the song I was searching is ranking at the second position which is very strange, cause if you can see that the words i have used are so generic and are commonly used in the most of all the songs, but still i  got the results which I was desperately look