The Google Hummingbird Algorithm OR Google

Here is an example of a Google search I did for me one of the favorite songs which I did not remember as what it was as i heard it once some 14 years back, i was only able to remember the tune but i cannot search in google by humming a song tune and I will get the exact search result, so i was rigorously refreshing my memory to at least recall some words of that song but it was no luck for 2 days cause whenever i used to add the combination of all the words which I remembered randomly the results were not much accurate, 

So later what I did is I tried to add only one line of sentence to see all the possible results and had planned to see all the 1000 results to find my long forgot song. In the below screen shot you will see that the song I was searching is ranking at the second position which is very strange, cause if you can see that the words i have used are so generic and are commonly used in the most of all the songs, but still i got the results which I was desperately looking for. I was very much surprised to this type of results.

Even though i am logged in to the gmail you can see that there is not relation to reach results I am looking for cause I don't have any trace for the content i am looking for even in my mails or in my search history as the song itself is 14 years old and google is also almost that much only old. And after a long time I was only able to remember the fragment of the song and the search result was accurate. I have experienced the same with google few years back when i was looking for something like which I did not remember well but only fragments.

This type of search results gives us more understanding of the Google Algorithm and help us to frame content in such a way that it ranks well for any query.

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Here is my Long forgotten Song


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