Google Manual Action Vs Remove URLs Request

Here is what happened to my site in chronological order with Images below....

1, It got hacked and generated 50k spam pages with vigra links on it in the forum section.

2, I deleted the forum section (plugin) and cleaned the site.

3, I added "Remove URLs Request" in Google webmaster tools as shown below

4, I got the message as the URL's are removed successfully and you can see that page count in the index is low, The same can be verified by doing site:, But there are still results showing 50k pages, but if you click next 100 pages you will see only 146.which confirms that the pages are removed.

6, Later after 1o days I get a mail in GWT that there has been manual action taken against my site for user generated spam pages.

So my Question is.......

Why there is a manual action even after i had put a remove url request.

If I myself has requested a removed url request, then why there is a Manual action and what was the necessity.

As per Google's Eric Kuan, from the search quality team i did what he said and followed the guidelines as he said that Google does not control the content on the web.

He wrote:
Google doesn't control the contents of the web, so before you submit a URL removal request, the content on the page has to be removed. There are some exceptions that pertain to personal information that could cause harm. You can find more information about those exceptions here:

Full Story at

Remove URL request guidelines at

I had added URL Removal request on 10th and 12th December 2013
I get Manual Action mail on 22nd Dec 2013

This does not make sense, and if its a manual action which means that a Human was involved in this, then why was this ignored that i had already put a URL Removal Request. 

And there was a clear indication that the Site was hacked and i was not at all involved in it, and all the pages generated were fake and spamy.


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